Who is it for? 

Adults living with a mental health diagnosis.

How does it help?

Compeer matches adults living with a mental health diagnosis with compassionate community volunteers who provide one-to-one supportive friendship and mentoring relationships to offset the social isolation and loneliness that can accompany mental illness.

What does it look like?

Compeer matches meet virtually or face-to-face at least twice a month. Many go to a movie, have lunch, walk and talk, or enjoy other social activities together. Compeer volunteers make a minimum one year commitment to the friendship.

MHA’s program is an affiliate of Compeer International, a best practice model.

Ashley and Tracey: A 15 Year Friendship and Counting

When MHA Workplace Culture Committee volunteer Ashley Nolan looks back on her friendship with Tracey, which started as a Compeer match – she can’t believe 15 years have passed! Ashley says, “We have enjoyed being part of each other’s lives and witnessing milestones and accomplishments, but also checking in with each other during COVID when we could not physically able to see each other. I love and appreciate how aware Tracey is of her mental illness but that she does not let it stop her from things she is passionate about.” Read more about their friendship.


Compeer Wellness Group

Compeer’s Wellness Group is a monthly meeting open to Compeer participants. This group gathers in-person or virtually and offers discussions on health and wellness tips and coping strategies, as well as the chance to socialize, play games, and connect with others to reduce isolation and loneliness.


Third Thursday of the month from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Click here to hear Kyra’s story of how her Compeer friend changed her life.

Contact to Gain a Friend or Become a Volunteer

Angela Garlins, Compeer Program Manager
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