Staff Spotlight: Shykira Farmer

Meet MHA’s newest team member, Shykira Farmer, Community Outreach and Mental Health Educator, who is a 2020 graduate of UNC at Greensboro who’s currently enrolled at UNC at Charlotte in the Masters of Social Work program. Shykira comes to MHA as a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor with training experience as a AmeriCorps Member through Atrium Health. When asked why they were passionate about MHA’s mission, they replied, “It is a mix of different things. I come from a family and community who often stigmatize mental health and this fuels my desire for advocacy and awareness. I double majored in Psychology and African American and African Diaspora Studies and learned that there are so many socio-economic factors that impact an individual’s mental health. People of color and members of marginalized communities are at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders due to economic status and discrimination based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and so much more. I am an individual with lived experience and so, if I can inspire or aid others who have had similar experiences as I them…that’s all I care about. I find it impossible not to care about the well-being of others.”

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