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Executive Director Kathy Rogers’ monthly blog for May is entitled, “Bringing Hope to Our Community”

May Topic: Bringing Hope to Our Community 

The following are from my remarks to our 350 guests at MHA’s 9th Annual Wake Up for Wellness event on May 16. When the Mental Health Bell was cast in 1953 from the melted chains and shackles from asylums across the country, it became a sign of HOPE, and I can’t think of a better symbol of how far we have come as a movement.  As we honor our rich 90-year history, it is important to reflect on how much progress has been made around mental health, while acknowledging that much work remains to be done. The brokenness of the mental health system impacts us all. On the recent WFAE series Fractured, I heard someone say that when you enter the mental health system, you are sent on a “cruel scavenger hunt.”

Take Action:
Reflect the HOPE and vision of a community and its positive outcomes regarding the impacts of an imperfect mental health system.

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