Ace the Stigma Supports MHA’s Work

Ace The Stigma Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to defeating the stigma surrounding mental health, is proud to announce significant donations to Mental Health America of Central Carolinas (MHA), Mission 34, For Students, Alexander Youth Network, and the Hopeway Foundation. These generous contributions were made possible through the tremendous support of donors and volunteers and made in honor of Chuck Reiney, whose legacy continues to inspire Ace The Stigma’s mission.

Of the $190,000 raised through the corporate and individual donations, culminating in a May tennis tournament weekend, MHA was honored to receive $50,000 in support of the MHA Counseling Center and ParentVOICE programs. These two programs offer free counseling and family support, respectively – helping youth, adults and families access personalized care and one-on-one navigation, without the barriers of cost or stigma.

The success of this fundraising effort reflects the community’s commitment to breaking down the barriers associated with mental health issues. The overwhelming response underscores the importance of the mission and the collective desire to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals facing mental health challenges. Ace The Stigma Foundation is already planning for next year’s fundraising event, which will take place from June 20-22, 2025 in Charlotte. Ace The Stigma plans to continue to work with the community and partner organizations to make a lasting impact on mental health awareness and support.

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