Caring For Communities of Color

MHA of Central Carolinas’ vision is to end the stigma around mental health for local communities of color.

I’m Megan Bryant, clinical director for MHA’s new free counseling center. Let’s face it, Black and Hispanic populations are more likely to experience chronic mental illnesses with more severe symptoms and lack of treatment than any other groups. That’s why we say “My Mental Health Matters and So Does Yours.”

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Caring For Communities of Color Survey
1. What barriers do communities of color face accessing mental health resources and service? Choose all that apply:
2. What can be done to remove the stigma associated with mental illness in communities of color? Choose all that apply:
3. As a community, how can we provide better access to mental health resources? Choose all that apply:

Explore MHA Emotional Toolboxes for Communities of Color

Calls/emails will be returned within 24 business hours. If this is a mental health emergency, please call or text 988. Help is available and you are not alone.

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